Chef Tina speaks at JobTrain Awards

Awards were given to companies whose hiring practices and programs encourage the success of people who are talented and skilled but who may not have the benefit of extensive education or have barriers to employment.

Smoke Berkeley hires workers who’ve fallen on hard times

Michael Rachal wipes down a tray at Smoke Berkeley on Wednesday.
SFGate, Friday, February 17, 2017. By Trisha Thadani.

Tears sit on the edge of Tina Ferguson-Riffe’s eyes as she talks about the people her modest barbecue restaurant in west Berkeley has saved.

There’s April Jones, a struggling single mother. And Michael Rachal, a father of five who couldn’t find a job after spending 10 months in jail… Read More

Social Justice

Smoke Berkeley hires workers who’ve fallen on hard times.

Opportunity Fund Helps Tina

Born and raised in Texas, Chef Tina Ferguson-Riffe tapped a unique source of start-up funding to get Smoke Berkeley, her new BBQ restaurant, off the ground. “I got a call out of the blue. It turned out my… Read More

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