Homemade Sides


A nice kick of Texas flavor!


Mexican Corn Bread

except for the acme buns, we make everything from scratch

“I am bringing all the cooking skills I learned in Texas, California and France together at Smoke Berkeley,” says Chef-Owner Tina Ferguson-Riffe

Our unique recipes are a must. Tina brought her mom’s recipe for the cole slaw and potato salad.

Fresh chiles play a role in our “Mexican” Jalapeño Mac & Cheese. It is tasty, warm and gooey, and the cheese crust on the top adds the final touch.

Sean’s cheesy rice is a delicious mixture of warm and soft rice with enough cheese to give smooth creamy flavor.

Fresh garlic makes its presence known in our baked beans, made after a very special recipe from old Mrs. King back in Texas. They are smoky, a little sweet and spicey, with generous portions of brisket.


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